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McMinnville, OR – La Rambla

La Rambla, McMinnville, OR

La Rambla, McMinnville, OR

Rambled in to La Rambla (boulevard in Spanish) the other day; had a business appointment with a colleague in McMinnville, and since we both had already seen the Spruce Goose, lunch seemed like a go.

A tastefully decorated bar and dining area probably makes La Rambla one of the go-to places in McM town.
Featuring a menu of hot and cold tapas, as well as a few large plates, and hoity-toity cocktails, I could easily imagine sitting in there some Saturday afternoon and saying “give me the left side of the menu. (And I WILL do this!).
As it was, we went with the charcuterie plate, bread and oil, house made potato chips with cumin, fancy pants beet salad with stinky cheese bits, and all were excellent.
I was especially fond of the morcilla, a pork based blood sausage, very coarse, served hot with a crispy casing. Nice.  Excellet chorizo (the dry kind) and jamon serrano, as well.
There were at least a dozen other things on the menu we would have liked to have tried, including the burger, which the bartender was pushing. The burger is made from the most excellent Harris Ranch beef from California.
Will I be back? Often. A grazer’s paradise!

La Rambla Charcuterie

La Rambla Charcuterie

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