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Portland, OR – Tubby’s Deli

Tubby's Deli, Portland, ORHad a quick bite to eat here while meeting a friend from out of town who was doing some biz in this neighborhood. I’m pretty leery of places in Portland that have the word “Deli” in their name; here it can often mean “lottery games and hot dogs,” but such was not the case today.

Tubby’s is a casual service breakfast and lunch joint with daily specials; the serve the working stiffs in the area, it seems.

My pal went for one of the specials, prime rib French dip, and I opted for the bacon cheeseburger.


I didn’t ask about any of the origin of the ingredients, though I saw empty boxes in a back hallway from IBP, and that’s premium product.   The counter person asked me what I wanted on that, and few places do that anymore.  There was a wide variety of sides choices, fries, tots, slaw, salad, etc.  I went with fries.

It’s a good “classic” hamburger, if you’re sorting into categories these days, like the Oregonian.

And yes, I’d stop back, if I happened to find myself in that neck of the woods again.

Tubby's Deli, Portland, OR

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