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Krystal’s (Chain) Seasoned Waffle Fries Review

Hit up Krystal to try one of their latest offerings, Seasoned Waffle Fries, and of course, I needed a couple sliders to ‘wash’ them down with.   After decades of contemplation about it, I think I prefer the Krystal burger to White Castle.  Can’t say why, maybe it’s the pickle.

I love Waffle Fries.  And tots.  And will almost always opt for them if they are an option.  This particular order?  Not seasoned, and not done.

So I can’t really give a fair assessment of them, since I doubt they were  prepared as corporate would have preferred.

Few years ago, I checked out Krystal’s mini hot dogs. In this very same city, as it happens.

Menu is online.



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