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Mandia Ciboitaliano Frozen Pizza Review


Mandia Ciboitaliano Frozen PizzaI’ve wondered aloud many times why US frozen pizza manufacturers can’t make a really great pie. I’ve had a few really good ones from smaller Chicago manufacturers, such as Vito & Nicks II, and Home Run Inn, but the big guys? Totinos? Red Baron? Tombstone?

Yechh.  Fortunately, several years ago, I “discovered” the frozen pizzas at Trader Joes, all of which are imported from France or Italy and are f***ing great. There’s the Olympiad, with feta and olives, and the margherita that I’ve tried and been happy with.

Lo and behold, the other day I was in a “Fresh Thyme” market, and they have a pizza from Italy called Mandia Ciboitaliano, from a contract, private label manufacturer F.I.A.D. SRL.  Not much information is available online about the manufacturer.  This version is a margherita, with tomatos and cheese. Pretty hard actually to find a purer ingredient list: Wheat flour, water, tomatoots, mozzarella, grana padano cheese, egg whites, salt, EVOO, yeast. Wow.

It bakes up fast at 475, the box provides instructions for frozen or thawed, it just take a few moments if thawed, and less than ten if frozen.   Doughy crust, REAL cheese, and sauce that tastes like……………….wait for it…………………TOMATOES! 


I’ll do it again. Often.  Don’t know if they make other varieties, but I’m find with this basic cheese version, and I can pile on processed pork pizza toppings if I am so inclined.

If you see these in your store, stock up. They may be available at Whole Foods, I’ve seen a reference to that, but cannot personally attest to the fact.

Mandia Ciboitaliano Frozen Pizza


Mandia Ciboitaliano Frozen Pizza

8 Minutes, 475










Mandia Ciboitaliano Frozen Pizza Review

  • southern ohio trail cam videos

    Absolutely! Mandia pizza is insanely good for frozen! My back up American frozen pizza is reggios from chicago.

  • holdendfw

    I went Googling for Mandia pizza after having their quattro formaggi pizza today. It’s outstanding pizza, very close to what I get from my local authentic Italian pizzeria. If Kroger quits carrying it I have no idea what I’ll do.

  • M

    I found it at Ralphs Grocery Store today.

  • Clint Dalton

    This pizza just showed up at our local Harmons grocer in Draper, Utah. It was on sale, so I bought a few. I agree it is great. So far it’s really the only frozen pizza—aside from the margherita from Amy’s—that passes the taste and quality tests of our home.

  • carol

    I can no longer find this pizza ANYWHERE!!!! It is the BEST!!!!!

    • Burgerdogboy

      Carol, someone said in addition to the chain I found it at (Fresh Thyme) that Whole Foods carries them, but I haven’t checked up on that. Thanks for reading!

  • carol

    I used to be able find this at HEB but it is now nowhere to be found. WHY? It is delightful!

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