Jungle Jims Grocery Review – Cincinnati, OH Area

Jungle Jims Grocery Review

Another place that’s been on my bucket list for years, Jungle Jims opened in 1971 and has been described as a “theme park of foods.”  That’s an understatement, in my opinion.  Clocking in with square footage about two times a WalMart, Jungle Jims specializes in a great depth of product choices, and foods from all over the world, separated in separate “country aisles.”  Of course, they have a service deli, carrying only the top US brands as well as many imports. Full-service butcher, live seafood, bakery, wine section.

Things you wouldn’t see anywhere else or would have to make many stops to fill out your shopping list.

I got off easy, only spent an hour and $150 there, could have easily been an all day thing, and I will be back, but with a car full of coolers and dry ice.

As it was, I came away with some unique things I hadn’t seen before and certainly will use, like “prosciutto bones” (to flavor white beans, or soup!), a pig’s head (for the crock pot) and many other tasty beautiful things.

I can’t wait to go back.


Jungle Jims Grocery Review
About 1/4 of their olive bar!


Jungle Jims Grocery Review
Say cheese, please!


Jungle Jims Grocery Review
Looking for some hot stuff baby..





Locations, hours.

Jungle Jims Grocery Review

Jungle Jims Grocery Review


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  1. Wow, that looks like a dangerously wonderful place! Dangerous to my wallet (and waistline), that is…

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