Gyradiko Restaurant Review – Carpentersville, IL

Gyradiko Restaurant Review

Gyradiko Restaurant Review – Carpentersville, IL

Gyradiko Restaurant ReviewI will always support “mom and pop” local businesses over chains, and am happy when they thrive.  Gyradiko has been open awhile in a strip mall in Carpentersville, IL (NW suburb of Chicago).

Gyradiko’s subheading is “Greek Street Food” and not only do they offer that, they also serve “Chicago Street Food” –  Italian Beef, Burgers, Chicago style hot dogs.

I ordered the gyro combo, which includes the pita/meat sandwich, fries, and a drink.  The gyro sandwich is spit-roasted meat in a pita with Greek tzatziki sauce (yogurt/cucumber or dill), tomatoes, and onions.  It is derived from the ‘doner kabob.’ In Greece, the meat is usually lamb.  In the US, generally, there is a choice of beef/lamb mix, chicken, or pork belly, sometimes al pastor.  I went with the traditional preparation.

There are only a few suppliers of gyro meat cones in the Chicago area, so you won’t find much difference in taste or texture from different eateries.  Where you will find a difference is in the quantity of meat, and Gyradiko loads it on.  I mean, really loads it on.  You’ll experience similar generosity in the massive serving of their fresh-cut fries (SO GOOD!). You can see the pile of fries in my picture, even tho the quantity has been diminished because I couldn’t quit eating them on the way home.

I will go back.  He offers a grilled chicken topped with Saganaki (seared Greek cheese).  There used to be a place across town that offered a burger with that cheese topping it.  I’ll see if Gyradiko would be open to making that up for me.  I suspect they will.  Next visit I’ll ask for more tzatzik on the side.  So fresh. Be an excellent fry dip!

Full menu.

The restaurant is located in the strip mall at 142 S. Western Ave., Carpentersville, Illinois 60110 and is open for lunch and dinner, seven days.  It’s at the far north end of the strip mall that also has Big Lots, Firestone, or just South of Aldi. Western Avenue is also State Highway 31.

Each day one of the menu items is discounted. Great food, great value, nice people. Worth your time and money.


Gyradiko Restaurant Review – Carpentersville, IL

Gyradiko Restaurant Review – Carpentersville, IL

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