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Fast Bites Sliders Review – Advance Pierre

I’ve reviewed a lot of products that I commonly call “gas station foods,” or ready to eat and heat and eat sandwiches. Often these are from one of the industry giants, Advance Pierre, (hereinafter AP) which also recently acquired a sizable competitor, Landshire. Past reviews on this site include Advance Pierre’s Sausage and Cheese Biscuit, […]

Advance Pierre Pretzel Cheeseburger Review

Every time I think I have covered every single availability in the ‘heat and eat’ burger category, I run across a new one.  This week it’s the “Pretzel Cheeseburger” from Advance Pierre, arguably the largest manufacturer of heat and eat burgers, and I’ve tried a gaggle of them. While the Ohio company puts out a […]

Advance Pierre Sausage and Cheese Biscuit

Continuing in a series of economical foods, the Advance Pierre Sausage and Cheese Biscuit can be yours for a buck from Dollar Tree and other outlets. I’ve written about Advance Pierre quite a bit, they are the largest supplier of prepared sandwiches to c-stores, vending,  the military, schools and institutional users. They now offer fresh […]

Amazing Advance in Pizza Boxes

Surely you’ve purchased hot crispy food for take out, gotten home, opened the box, and whatever crispiness was present at the shop has disappeared completely – you have a limp, soggy pizza, or onion rings, or french fries.  This is due to the heat from the food creating steam inside the box and having nowhere […]

Advance News on a Bite of Oregon

Celebrating its 30th year, a Bite of Oregon, the state’s largest culinary event, is slated for August 9-11th this year, and will feature several new events. The Oregon Craft Beer Gardens will have two locations, at either end of the best, and feature fifteen different local brewers serving about thirty different kinds of beer.  As […]

Appleton Farms Bone In Butt Ham Review – Aldi In-House Brand

oth Appleton Farms is Aldi’s in-house brand name for selected meat products.  I’ve reviewed quite a few of them, which you can read here, tho for some unfortunate reason, some of them are tagged “Applewood.” Oops. I’ve even reviewed this particular product, bone-in butt ham, before, but it was made for Aldi by a different […]

Boston Market Country Fried Steak Review

Bear with me as I take you on this journey of magical heat and eat meals. Today’s example, “Boston Market” Country Fried Steak. A frozen entree, with mash potatoes and cream gravy. Boston Market, like many companies, does not actually produce this product, but licenses their name to  Bellisio Foods, a company I know a bit […]

Plymouth Rock Campground Restaurant Review, Plymouth, WI

This isn’t the sort of place I’d usually stop or write about. First because I’m the last person you’d ever expect to find in a campground, and secondly because in advance of eating there, pretty sure I’d expect to be disappointed. Boy, was I wrong in thinking that here! Plymouth Rock Campground is a sizable […]

Trader Joes Angus Burger Review

I keep searching for a frozen burger patty that meets with my personal tastes. They come in a few different forms, raw patties on their own, pre-cooked patties, or a complete pre-cooked hamburger sandwich. I’ve previously tried Ball Park, Steak & Shake, Fatburger, White Castle, Advance Pierre, Trader Joe’s “Kobe Style,” some various store brands. […]

Gas Station Sandwich Primer

I’ve written a lot about ‘gas station sandwiches,” a term I use to describe the cello wrapped sandwiches, fresh or heat and eat, one finds at c-stores, gas stations, and in vending machines. The earliest ones I remember were from a Virginia company called “Stewart Sandwiches” who sold mostly to bars, concession stands, and schools […]

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