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Klements Polish Sausage Review

One of Milwaukee’s largest and oldest sausage companies, Klement’s is often my ‘go-to’ purveyor when I’m looking for processed meats.  When I’m not in their distribution area, I even order care packages online.  The company has a wide variety of fresh and cooked sausages, as well as deli and sandwich meats.   I am fond […]

Klements Corned Beef Review

Review of deli style corned beef rounds from Milwaukee manufacturer Klement’s.

Klements Garlic Summer Sausage

I’ve talked about this fine Milwaukee company in the past, opining on their cocktail sausages, and fresh Hot Italian.  Klement’s  makes great natural casing weenies, too.  A number of stores had their summer sausage on sale this weekend, regular or garlic, for less than $2.50 a pound.  A fabulous deal.  This is a pork and […]

Home Cookin’ – Klement’s Cocktail Sausages

The Klement Sausage Company is one of Milwaukee’s old time favorites, as well as one of my personal picks, when I am in an area where they distribute their great meat products.  I like most everything they make, and when I lived in distance parts of the country, I’d reguraly order “care packages” from them. […]

Random Meat Sticks Review

When I go on my drives, seeking out great dogs, burgers, and pizza across America, my in-vehicle snack food is frequently meat snack sticks, like Slim Jims. I can’t even begin to fathom how many brands and variations there are of this popular snack food.  Ingredient and cost wise, they span the whole spectrum from […]

Kwik Trip Update

In my previous posts about Kwik Trip, I reminisced about their roots, when I used to do some business with them and they only had a couple stores in LaCrosse, WI.  Today, there are over 400 stores, and 12,000 employees.  If you live in the Upper Midwest, there’s a store near you.  What makes Kwik […]

Simms Garlic Summer Sausage

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Garlic Summer Sausage from one of my favorite meat processors, Klement’s of Milwaukee.  I enjoyed the product, and it was at a deeply discounted promotional price, which was even better.   Today I was zipping through Aldi’s for staples, and noticed they had a garlic summer sausage […]

Vienna Beef Italian Beef Kit

I’ve written a ton about Chicago’s iconic specialty, the Italian Beef sandwich.  I’ve looked at different brands to prepare at home, as well as a number of restaurant offerings.  Check all those posts out here.  Today we tried Vienna Beef’s home version of the preparation, beef and gravy frozen in a tub.  Spoiler.  Any of […]

Milwaukee – Sausage Town

Milwaukee  is a great meat town, and an even better sausage town.  Two of my favorite companies are there,  Klement’s, and Usingers, with the latter dating back well over one hundred years, and the former, the upstart, being only about 70 years old. Both companies offer a wide variety of smoked and fresh sausages, deli […]


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