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Appleton Farms Bone In Butt Ham Review – Aldi In-House Brand

oth Appleton Farms is Aldi’s in-house brand name for selected meat products.  I’ve reviewed quite a few of them, which you can read here, tho for some unfortunate reason, some of them are tagged “Applewood.” Oops. I’ve even reviewed this particular product, bone-in butt ham, before, but it was made for Aldi by a different […]

Appleton Farms Ham Review

I’ve written about Appleton Farms products before;  it’s the in-house brand that Aldi has.  This is about their “Butt Portion Bone In Ham Water Added.”  To me, it’s significant that “water added” is part of the main product description, and in the ingredients you’ll find a host of “salts.”  Salt + water = brine = increased […]

Appleton Farms Fully Cooked Bacon Review

Appleton Farms is one of the in-house brands for the Aldi grocery chain.  I’ve written a lot of posts about Aldi products, which I generally find to be of good quality and terrific value.  Their fully cooked bacon is no exception, a package of which sells generally for less than two bucks.  I’ve become a […]

Appleton Farms Ham Steak Review

I have written about a lot of Aldi products; Aldi is the global discount grocer owned by the same German family as Trader Joes.  At Aldi, you won’t find many big brand names, but rather Aldi concocted brand names that are manufactured under contract to Aldi’s specifications. (Also it will cost you a quarter to […]

Applewood Farms Bacon Review – Aldi In House Brand

I’ve been a little hotter than usual for bacon. For about a year, I’ve been buying whichever pre-cooked brand was on sale. Seemed like a no muss, no fuss opportunity to me, and often a lot cheaper than raw bacon. Lately, I’ve noticed that most all of the pre-cook brands the slices are nearly translucent, […]

Digiorno Self Rising Pizza Review

It may not be delivery, it’s “Digiorno,” but for me, another “d” word motivates me to buy this brand: “desperation.” Translation? I’m in the mood for a frozen pie and happen to be someplace where this is the only thing available. In the case of last night, at a 7-Eleven, where the self-rising pepperoni was […]

Jacks Pizza Review

Jack’s is one of those former little brands, started as the food equivalent of a garage band, in Little Chute, Wisconsin (outside of Appleton.  Near Neenah.  Kinda by Menasha. Before you get to Green Bay).  Started in 1960.  Grew around the state, then the region, bought by Kraft when they were rolling up frozen pizza […]

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