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Dollar Tree Breakfast Sausage Review

These poor little sausages start off with a couple strikes against them – I pretty much don’t like brown and serve type breakfast sausages. Including fast food kinds.  But I thought I would give these two national brand names a shot when I saw them at the Dollar Tree. Jimmy Dean is an established sausage […]

Hometown Sausage Kitchen Gyro Sausage Review

The ‘gyro’ is a Greek inspired sandwich, with meat (generally beef and lamb) cooked on a vertical roaster, placed in a pita, dressed with tomato, cucumber, and tatziki sauce. Some purveyors add lettuce and onion. The word “gyro” is from the Greek word for “circle” or “turn.” The meat is generally seasoned with salt, hot and sweet paprika, […]

Crocketts 1875 Breakfast Camp Review – Gatlinburg, TN

Crocketts 1875 Breakfast Camp I’m big about avoiding tourist traps or “voted best XXX 10 years in a row.” Unless I specifically head out for one, of course, and Crocketts 1875 Breakfast Camp was just one such destination. I was going to be passing near Gatlinburg, and I thought the least I could do to […]

Odoms Tennessee Pride Hot Sausage Review

I usually “make my own” breakfast sausage, and by that I mean I purchase ground pork, season it to my liking and fry it up. After eggs, ground pork is usually the second least expensive protein in the store. But I keep trying commercial preparations, and have reviewed a host of them, found here, including Bob […]

Big Boy Breakfast Buffet Review – Hamilton, OH

Neither you nor I have enough time to go into the history of Big Boy restaurants. Suffice to say, started in California in the 30s, oldest one still standing is Burbank, CA (pictured below),  chain went thru several owners and now is a “chain of chains,” in that while they share menu, decor, and marketing, […]

Bob Evans Hot Sausage Review

I rarely purchase pre-made breakfast sausage; it’s expensive and the available flavors are not always to my liking. Usually I just buy ground pork, which is always very cheap, and season it to my liking. But this week I grabbed a one pound chub of Bob Evans “Hot.” Bob Evans starting making sausage on his […]

Usingers Linguica Sausage Review

Usingers Linguica Sausage Review Linguica (ling gweeza) (also called “Portuguese Sausage) is a slightly spicy pork sausage in a natural casing, which has traditionally been featured in cultures that speak Portuguese. Its popularity has been expanding, and it’s widely available in Hawaii and California. It’s even on the menu at McDonalds in Hawaii. I first experienced it […]

Hardees Breakfast Biscuit Review – Nationwide

I admit I’ve become fussy about fast food (and C-store) breakfasts.  Think I’ve covered them all, and some are pretty good, some are absolutely dreadful. Some could be made better with very little effort or expense. I stopped in a Hardees/Carl’s Jr on a recent road trip, in search of a menu item I’ve had […]

Gramma Pearls Sausage Review

Don’t bother trying to find anything out about this product online, I spent a bunch of time doing that and came up pretty short.  I can’t even tell you exactly where I purchased it, other than a suburban Chicago grocery.  So a lot of this should be prefaced with “apparently.” This product is made in […]

Sujuk Sausage Review

Couple weeks ago, I wrote about my visit to the Bulgarian grocery in Chicago.  One of the items I picked up was “Sujuk” sausage, which wikipedia defines as “a Sujuk is a dry, spicy sausage which is eaten from the Balkans to the Middle East and Central Asia.” It has slightly different spellings by country. This is […]

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