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Certfied Angus Brand Deli Corned Beef

Geez, I just get finished with my “deli roast beef” smackdown, and I run into Certified Angus Brand on sale, which I previously had skipped over. Certified is a brand that was created by a group of Angus ranchers in the late 70s, who wanted to produce a higher quality product, held to higher standards. […]

Klements Corned Beef Review

Review of deli style corned beef rounds from Milwaukee manufacturer Klement’s.

Buddig Corned Beef Review

I call these kind of lunch meats “pressed, chopped, and formed,” but on the package, I notice it says “cooked, chopped, and pressed.”  My bad.  My mom was on a kick with these kind of ‘meats’ for supplying our brown bag lunches during our coming up years.  Although my siblings and I were relatively healthy […]

Vienna Beef Corned Beef and Pastrami

If you’re even an occasional reader of this site, you know two things for sure –  I have a diminishing interest in purchasing most ‘deli meats’ because of real or perceived notion they aren’t ‘real.’  By that I am generally referring to two things –  ‘roasts’ that are formed from meat and other ingredients into […]

Home Cookin’ – Stone Ridge Ranch Corned Beef

I like corned beef….real corned beef.  Short of making it at home or going to some esteemed purveyor like the Carnegie Deli in NYC (sandwich, $17.95), it’s becoming not so easy to find.  Oh, sure, lots of deli counters have a slab of meat that they will shave into bits for you – some pressed, […]

Home Cookin’ – Carnegie Deli Corned Beef

Arguably, Portland isn’t the easiest place to find a “good” corned beef sandwich, or even deli style corned beef.  There are the usual national brands of PCF(1) briskets in stores, which I generally eschew, some unusual texture thing going on in those “meats”. And there are few local restaurants that serve ‘locavore’ produced corned beef, […]

Deli Counter Roast Beef Smackdown

I’ve been on a mission over the past couple years to find deli meat brands I can “call my own.”  That is, that I can purchase and enjoy every time without concern for taste or texture.  I’ve looked at a lot of them, and when I say deli “roast beef,”  I include any kind of […]

Charleys Pride Roast Beef Review

My final installment in checking out the beef products in the deli counter at Wal Mart. Most stores that I have been into seem to carry four brands of beef products; their house brand, “Prima Della,” (review) Sara Lee, Hormel, (review) and “Charley’s Pride.” The latter three are not very well represented, the house brand […]

Hormel Deli Roast Beef Review

I’ve been trying out a lot of deli meats, lately, mostly pastrami and corned beef. I’m a fairly big snob / choosy about what I buy, eschewing the more inexpensive brands, which tend to be what I refer to commonly as “chopped, pressed, and form,” meat and other additives reconstituted to resemble roasts.  I much […]

Dietz & Watson Roast Beef

I mostly prefer to make my own “lunch meats.”  By that, I’m generally referring to cooking a beef roast, ham, or corned beef round and putting it through the slicer. When confronted with the selections at a service deli counter, I’m apt to opt for imported products, and of course I like the variety of […]

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