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Dennys Review Update

I’ve had some pretty dreadful meals at Dennys; usually I have dined there as a matter of geographical convenience, and such was the case recently in downstate Illinois, waiting for a prescription to come through at WalMart. They were incredibly busy, and while we were seated promptly, service fell apart after that, with the first […]

Dennys Review

Once a year, I stop in at Denny’s to see how things are going; I’ve undoubtedly had at least two of the worst meals I’ve ever paid for at Denny’s, but I keep rooting for them for a couple reasons, one is that most of them are franchisees, and I try and cheer on entrepreneurs […]

Woodland, CA – Denny’s (Diner Motif)

(Imagine the comic book guy from the Simpsons uttering……..”worst…….food……..ever…….”) My bride and I hit a Denny’s 5-6 years ago, and vowed never to return.  As vows don’t mean much to us, we ended up at this location, in the middle of nowhere the other night. The gas station next door would have been a better […]

Free Veterans Day Meals 2015

Restaurants offering free meals to Vets and Active Duty 2015

Duluth Huskies Baseball, Hot Dogs, and an Arco Coffee Can (1 pound)

Eating baseball food at the Duluth Huskies game, Duluth, Minnesota.

Walgreens $1 Cheeseburger (Gas Station Food)

I guess Walgreens decided they needed to compete with the Dollar Store’s $1 cheeseburger. Or the McDouble? Walgreen’s is the world’s largest drug store chain, with over 8,000 locations in all 50 states, PR and Guam. It started in Chicago in 1901. I’m sure the founders wouldn’t recognize today’s version, which, to me, in most […]

Veteran’s Day Free Meals – 2013

It’s time to pay a small honor to America’s heroes (well we should every day!), and the Vet’s day free meal is one way the hospitality industry contributes. Compiled from various web sources, be sure to check ahead of time with your local outlet to avoid disappointment.  Some of these offers are nationwide, and some […]

Nationwide – IHOP Reviews

Way down my list of places I will generally consider, a friend was popping for brekky, and it was their choice, so off we went.  IHOP was started in 1957, in Toluca Lake, CA (San Fernando Valley), just across the street from one of the original Bob’s Big Boys. The original concept was pancake and […]

Milwaukee, WI – George Webb’s

George Webb. When it’s 3AM, you shouldn’t be driving, and White Castle won’t cut it, and you’ve sworn never to set foot i a Denny’s again. Since 1948, the George Webb chain has been serving locally sourced grub to hungry Packer backers 24/7; to go, at the counter, or table side. Webb’s B and B […]

Is the Waffle House the Key to Humanity’s Problems?

(This was written a couple months post 9/11) Waffles – The Key to Harmony? “We Will Make No Customer Pay in Advance!” Is one of the many “rules” posted by the door as you enter an outlet of 1300 strong location “The Waffle House,” (or TWH), apparently the result of a lawsuit launched in ’93, […]

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