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Gas Station Sandwich Primer

I’ve written a lot about ‘gas station sandwiches,” a term I use to describe the cello wrapped sandwiches, fresh or heat and eat, one finds at c-stores, gas stations, and in vending machines. The earliest ones I remember were from a Virginia company called “Stewart Sandwiches” who sold mostly to bars, concession stands, and schools […]

Thorntons Gas Station Food Review, Part 3

This is my third look at the hot food side of Thornton’s gas stations, a medium size chain in the South and Midwest. I previously looked at their pizza and breakfast biscuit. My “beef” with all this food is primarily its value proposition, as well as the manner in which its preparation is marketed (previously discussed). […]

Video – How “Gas Station” Sandwiches Are Made

My definition of a “gas station sandwich” is the sammies one finds in vending,  convenience stores, mini marts, (and gas stations) cello-packed, ready to eat.  I’ve written a lot about them in the past, and my favorites (for quality) are made by the catering arm of Lufthansa airlines, and distributed by 7-Elevens in the Pacific […]

Walgreens $1 Cheeseburger (Gas Station Food)

I guess Walgreens decided they needed to compete with the Dollar Store’s $1 cheeseburger. Or the McDouble? Walgreen’s is the world’s largest drug store chain, with over 8,000 locations in all 50 states, PR and Guam. It started in Chicago in 1901. I’m sure the founders wouldn’t recognize today’s version, which, to me, in most […]

Gas Station Sandwiches – Jewel Grocery’s Turkey Club

If you’re a new reader, you need to know I use the term “gas station sandwiches” with all do respect.  It’s my phrase to describe pre-made packaged sandwiches of all ilks, whether they come from a grocery, gas station, mini mart, or vending machine.   I’ve talked about them before. My recent sampling was a […]

“Gas Station Sandwiches” – Winco Grocery

Winco is a local grocery chain spread across the West; I’ve written about it’s history and it’s fresh pizza previously.   Today, we’re continuing to explore one of my favorite topics, what I call “gas station sandwiches.” Winco’s Turkey and Havarti Ciabatta comes with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and nothing else.  At $2.06, it’s a helluva […]

AM/PM – Arco Gas Stations Ready to Eat Burgers & Dogs

I have opined on my take on AM/PM Mini Mart ready to eat foods in the past, my opinion hasn’t changed – adequate hot food, great value proposition. There are few dollar menus that can beat the proposition AM/FM has to offer – two hot dogs for $1.50, two larger dogs or burgers for $2.50. […]

Gas Station Sandwiches “Mom’s” Brand

I write a lot about gas station “cuisine.”   I think I have sampled most every major manufacturer’s hot foods, as well as fresh wrapped sandwiches. Deli Express seems to be the 900 pound canary in the room, but I can’t say for sure.  As it is a Minnesota company, and I am a Minnesota […]

Missoula, MT – Gas Station Pizza

I have previously written about Hunt Brothers Pizza, a concession company that has set up heat and eat pizza outlets in hundreds of gas stations and C stores. Another similiar product is “Bellarico’s NY Style Pizza” – which I have seen a number of places, including the Crossroads Travel Center, in Missoula. the pizza product […]

Slidell, LA – RaceTrac Gas Station

RaceTrac Petroleum is a chain of  over 500 gas stations across the southeastern US.  Like many retail chains, RaceTrac has discovered the beauty and profitability of “house brands,”  and has followed suit with their ready to heat and ready to eat sandwiches.   The RaceTrac double cheeseburger, 5.5 ounces, and 99 cents,  exceeds the McDonald’s Quarter […]

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