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Odoms Tennessee Pride Hot Sausage Review

I usually “make my own” breakfast sausage, and by that I mean I purchase ground pork, season it to my liking and fry it up. After eggs, ground pork is usually the second least expensive protein in the store. But I keep trying commercial preparations, and have reviewed a host of them, found here, including Bob […]

Better Living Brands Review (In-house Safeway, Albertsons, et al)

I used to be SUCH a brand snob.  I wouldn’t even consider buying a store brand. And I’m old enough to remember when “generic” products first started showing up in store – do you?  Black and white boxes with plain block lettering? Today’s “generic” (store) brands are considerably different and often made by the large […]

Fricks Ham Review, Missouri Processor

I love ham, and I’ve been fortunate to run into some great ones lately. Most recently the notable one was local, from All Grass Farms. But I screwed up this week, didn’t do my research, and tho I was going to be close to a Missouri processor named Frick’s Meats, whose product I have enjoyed […]

Dollar Tree Breakfast Sausage Review

These poor little sausages start off with a couple strikes against them – I pretty much don’t like brown and serve type breakfast sausages. Including fast food kinds.  But I thought I would give these two national brand names a shot when I saw them at the Dollar Tree. Jimmy Dean is an established sausage […]

Parkview Chorizo Smoked Sausage Review

Chorizo is a type of pork and/or beef sausage which differs in different parts of the world. Spanish chorizo is a smoked, cured, sausage, often sliced and eaten like salami. It’s seasoned with hot peppers and pimento. Chorizo found in Mexico and Mexican-American dishes in the US, tends to be ground meat and fattier. It […]

Trader Joes Frozen Pizza Review

Working on this site, there are two things I can consistently depend on Trader Joes and sister company ALDI for – and that’s a lack of information. Whenever I drop them a query about a particular product, to keep you informed, all I get is <crickets>. One time I heard from one of the PR […]

Appleton Farms Ham Review

I’ve written about Appleton Farms products before;  it’s the in-house brand that Aldi has.  This is about their “Butt Portion Bone In Ham Water Added.”  To me, it’s significant that “water added” is part of the main product description, and in the ingredients you’ll find a host of “salts.”  Salt + water = brine = increased […]

Appleton Farms Fully Cooked Bacon Review

Appleton Farms is one of the in-house brands for the Aldi grocery chain.  I’ve written a lot of posts about Aldi products, which I generally find to be of good quality and terrific value.  Their fully cooked bacon is no exception, a package of which sells generally for less than two bucks.  I’ve become a […]

Parkview Hot & Spicy Smoked Sausage Review

Here’s another great product from global discount grocer Aldi. Germany based Aldi sells staples and fresh grocery items, under (mostly) their own created labels, at substantial discounts compared to national brand names.  I’ve written about several of them in the past.  These sausage, in the refrigerated section, also come in  “Polish” and “Sun Dried Tomato” […]

Appleton Farms Ham Steak Review

I have written about a lot of Aldi products; Aldi is the global discount grocer owned by the same German family as Trader Joes.  At Aldi, you won’t find many big brand names, but rather Aldi concocted brand names that are manufactured under contract to Aldi’s specifications. (Also it will cost you a quarter to […]

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