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Chicken Fried Steak Recipe – Weekend Breakfasts At My House

When I was growing up, it was etched in stone  that the family had a big Saturday breakfast together; often my dad cooked the elaborate set-up, which might have been steak and eggs, pancakes or waffles, fruit turnovers, sausage or bacon. It got so that friends of me and my siblings wanted to do sleepovers on Friday nites just for the […]

Art & Almas Century Inn – The $100 Breakfast, Burlington, IL

The “$100 hamburger” is a concept, excuse, private pilots use for the equivalent of a leisurely Sunday drive; fuel up the private plane, fly someplace, eat a burger, dessert, or whatever. The $100 refers to the cost of operating the plane for that trip.

Farmer Johns Sausage Review

I’ve never been much for “brown and serve” type breakfast sausages; to me, they have always represented one of the main components of civic group and church pancake breakfasts, huge chafing trays of the little pork links. But it’s hard to pass up any processed pork product that is selling for around $2 a pound […]

Genoa Illinois VFW Breakfast

This small VFW post does whatever it needs to in order to maintain their solvency and funds for projects; they have found a niche with breakfast, dinners, and events for the community and environs. The third Sunday of each month, they have an AYCE breakfast, loaded up with French toast, biscuits, hash browns, SOS, sausage […]

Parkview Hot & Spicy Smoked Sausage Review

Here’s another great product from global discount grocer Aldi. Germany based Aldi sells staples and fresh grocery items, under (mostly) their own created labels, at substantial discounts compared to national brand names.  I’ve written about several of them in the past.  These sausage, in the refrigerated section, also come in  “Polish” and “Sun Dried Tomato” […]

Sams Choice Original Smoked Sausages Review

Right off the bat, even before trying them, I liked these better than the McCormick’s Grill Mates sausages I looked at this week (scroll down to next story). Reason?  First two ingredients are pork and beef, and not a mechanically separated poultry bit in sight. Also?  No “corn syrup solids.”  Sam’s Choice Original Smoked Sausages […]

Klements Polish Sausage Review

One of Milwaukee’s largest and oldest sausage companies, Klement’s is often my ‘go-to’ purveyor when I’m looking for processed meats.  When I’m not in their distribution area, I even order care packages online.  The company has a wide variety of fresh and cooked sausages, as well as deli and sandwich meats.   I am fond […]

Advance Pierre Sausage and Cheese Biscuit

Continuing in a series of economical foods, the Advance Pierre Sausage and Cheese Biscuit can be yours for a buck from Dollar Tree and other outlets. I’ve written about Advance Pierre quite a bit, they are the largest supplier of prepared sandwiches to c-stores, vending,  the military, schools and institutional users. They now offer fresh […]

Breckenridge Farms Breakfast Review (Dollar Tree)

I’m always searching out economical food buys, for three reasons: 1) I like to eat/maximize my own budget, 2) I have a special sympathy for groups like seniors and the economically disadvantaged in times of skyrocketing food prices, and 3) I’ve been through a few economic ups and down cycles in my life, tho largely […]

Tennessee Pride Sausage Reviews

Today part of ConAgra, Odom’s Tennessee Pride was started in the mid 40s by two brothers whom combined their knowledge of the meat business and home delivery (from earlier jobs). Headquartered in Madison, TN, with plants in Tennessee and Arkansas, Tennessee Pride makes sausage in rolls, links, pre-cooked, and packaged sausage gravy. They have recently […]

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