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The US Version of the Cornish Pasty (review)

Having been fortunate to live and travel in many different parts of the world, I have always been interested in the fact that each culture, geographical area seems to have a dish that was ‘designed’ with the working man in mind.  That in a minimum ‘size’, the workman could take a rather complete meal on […]

New Orleans – St. Charles Tavern Review

For as crazy as New Orleans can get, as long as I lived there, it was never a late night dining town.  Having exhausted all your energy in the Quarter, and not in the mood for an overpriced slice of pizza, one was left with few choices for satisfying cuisine.  I love diners, and my […]

Superior, WI – Shorty’s Pizza and Smoked Meat Review

It’s always difficult to find the true origin of a local favorite;  I don’t think anybody has ever established where the first Coney Island style hot dog was created….or the first pizza place in the U.S……who created the Jucy Lucy in Minneapolis, the Italian Beef in Chicago, or the muffaletta in New Orleans.  Lots of […]

Duluth, MN – Gannucci’s Italian Market & Deli Review

Don’t you just love it when people take old family recipes and make a thriving, successful business from them? That’s the story behind Gannucci’s Italian Market & Deli in Duluth. On September 30, 1908, Vito Gannucci, his wife and children arrived in Minnesota from Italy. 104 years later, Vito’s relation Bill Kalligher  is sharing the […]

Portland, OR – Bunk Bar Review

Bunk Bar is an offshoot of the wildly popular Bunk, noted Portland sandwich purveyor, which specializes in a short list of awesome sandwiches.  We were actually meeting for dinner around the corner at Boke Bowl, an impressive start-up that serves mash-up variations of ramen and a few other Asian dishes. Boke was closing early, so […]

Portland, OR – Bird Dog Review

The “Bird Dog” name doesn’t come from any of the conventional or urban slang definitions of that phrase, but rather, one would imagine, as an homage to the cafe’s signature dish moniker, a hot dog prepared in the way occasionally people are used to hearing a different cut of meat prepared in some parts of […]

New Orleans – Serio’s

By: Kat Stromquist I knew of (but had never eaten at) Serio’s from my days working nearby in the Central Business District of New Orleans. They had a reputation for good sandwiches and a long lunch queue, which is generally – though not always – a good sign. So imagine my trepidation when I encountered, […]

Subway Club vs 7-Eleven Club Sandwich

(Short link to full post for mobile readers).  I’m becoming a cheap fucker in my golden years; or perhaps I’m penny pinching like most folks in the “new economy.”  In any case, I look for value these days, the most quantity for the least amount of money. In October, Subway has all foot longs for […]

Portland Sandwich Company

Never heard of it, have ya?   PSC makes sandwiches for gas stations, mini marts, vending, and offices.   There’s usually a company or two like this in every city, they compete with national brands of the same ilk like “Deli Express.” I’ve written about ‘gas station sandwiches’ on an occasion or two.   That’s my phrase for […]

Today’s Rant – The Term “Slider”

As much as I carp about being served “Kobe” burgers which aren’t Kobe at all, today I am starting to get a little miffed about the liberal use of the word “sliders” on menus, and particularly, bar happy hour menus. A quick Yelp of Portland restaurants ‘sliders’, for example, finds offerings of beef, lamb, pork, […]

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