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Fletcher’s Hot Link Smoked Sausages


Fletcher's Hot Links Smoked SausageFletcher’s, “proudly Canadian since 1917”, arguably makes some of the best mass-market bacon around.  And you’ll pay for it, as well.  A full line-up of their processed pork products is here.

We’re enjoyed their bacon from time to time, and last week I picked up a pack of their Louisiana style hot links smoked sausage.

They are fat, juicy, and full of flavor.  Great snap.  And they are HOT.

This is one of the ‘hotter’ mass market smoked sausages I have found.  Probably the only one we regularly purchase that gives off more heat, is Fred Meyer’s house brand “Italian hot.”

I liked these.  For breakfast, dinner, in gumbo, or any other reason you have to use a smoked sausage, Fletcher’s is a good choice.


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