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Portland, OR – Terrels Texas Barbecue Catering


This is a pitiful review, in that I don’t have the company’s contact information, nor can I find anything about it online. (Update, he now has a Facebook page with the relevant details).  This gentleman serves the greater Portland area, caters events, shows, carnivals, rodeos, and seems to be quite successful.

He brings a monster smoker on wheels, cooks on site, and supplies all the requisite fixin’s and side dishes.

At the corporate event I attended, on the menu were ribs, salmon, pulled pork, hot dogs, beans, salads, chips, drinks.   All of the food was exemplary, in my opinion.

I overheard him say he does the Tri Met employee picnic, and will be at the St. Helen’s rodeo as well.

Track him down from there, if you can!   Nice guy. Great food.

BBQ Salmon

BBQ Salmon

Terrels Texas Barbecue

Pulled Pork

BBQ Ribs

Terrel’s Texas BBQ Smoker on Wheels

Terrels Texas Barbecue
Terrels Texas Barbecue


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