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Deli Counter Roast Beef Smackdown


Compare deli roast beefI’ve been on a mission over the past couple years to find deli meat brands I can “call my own.”  That is, that I can purchase and enjoy every time without concern for taste or texture.  I’ve looked at a lot of them, and when I say deli “roast beef,”  I include any kind of meat that started from a beef round.

So here’s the rundown on my favorites:

First place tie – goes to Vienna Beef of Chicago, and Carnegie Deli from New York City.  Excellent products, no additives or fillers of note.

Second place – Dietz and Watson

Three way tie for fifth – Wal Mart house brand Prima Della, Hormel, Charley’s Pride

You’re gonna pay double for the top two as opposed to the bottom three.  But for my taste, they are well worth the coin.






Deli Counter Roast Beef Smackdown


2 Responses to “Deli Counter Roast Beef Smackdown”

  • AJ says:

    I’m curious, did you taste test Boar’s Head? I’ve never had their roast beef, so I’m curious.

    • BurgerDogBoy says:

      You know, I didn’t this time, only because it’s not available in the ‘immediate area.’ But I have had it, and it’s certainly in my top 5, at least, because they use whole muscle meat and no product enhancers, other than salt, and they have some low salt ones, too!

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