Ethnic Gourmet Frozen Entrees Review

“Ironically” –  where I fell in love with Indian food was when I lived in China for six years.  It was available in abundance, and especially on the little island I lived on in the South China Sea.   We had a couple of Indian restaurants there, my regular stop was “Toochtka’s”, run by Malloy, hiding from his Philippine wife, and sidekick Bgosh, trying to save money for some schooling somewhere.

I was particularly fond of their garlic naan and a mess o chicken tikka, boneless pieces of chicken, marintaded in spices and yogurt, and cooked to a turn in an outdoor tandoor oven until it has a nice crispy char on the edges.  I also like saag paneer, the Indian version of creamed spinach with hunks of homemade Indian cheese (recipe).

Wash it down with a Kingfisher beer.

They’d always over serve me  because I was such an incredibly nice guy big tipper and I was a regular.  Except when I was irregular.   (I would sometimes travel for weeks at a time for work, living in hotels in China, across Southeast Asia, Turkey, South Africa.  But I’d always return to Toochtka’s when I’d return to the island).

I  knew I would have to enjoy it while I could, because there was a huge banyan tree growing in the middle of the restaurant that would take out the building at some time, and the Chinese would have thought it would bring terribly bad joss to chop down the tree.  So it would stay, the restaurant wouldn’t.

In any case, this post is about some heat and eat Indian food I saw at the market this week,  the chicken tikka, spinach, rice, and naan.  The packaging and colors were similar, so I thought it was all the same manufacturer, but it wasn’t, two were from the Hain-Celestiral tea people, a brand called Ethnic Gourmet, the other, Tandoor Chef, was from a New Jersey company called Deep Foods.

The only thing “wrong” with these products is there simply wasn’t ENOUGH!   I love this stuff!   I guess this was about $8, which is a little steep for a single meal, but not only will I buy it again, I may just stock the freezer.

Ethnic Gourmet Revue

ethnic gourmet frozen entrees

Ethnic Gourmet Frozen Entrees

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