Aloha, OR – Donut Day

Donut Day Aloha OregonMrs. Burgerdogboy had business in the same hood as this shop the other day, and she swears (alot!) that the donut shop had one of those ‘flavor fingers’ we used to see in cartoons beckoning her in.

In the spirit of the season, “pumpkin” flavored baked goods were in abundance, and she picked up three glazed pumpkin donuts, and three pumpkin fritters.

Portland isn’t really a donut (or bagel) town, tho this is starting to change with the plethora of food carts.  We have a few of the chain bagel stores, but Dunkin’?  Nowhere in site.

But all is not loss with the discovery of Donut Day.  These are good. Really good.  And baked right there, not at some common commissary hundreds of miles away.

Yes, I shouldn’t eat them, but we polished the half dozen off in short order. Would have loved to have shown you a pic, but alas, the hand to mouth action was faster than the hand to shutter action.

Go there. Buy. Eat. You’ll smile.


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