Attention Food Company Executives – “Clean up in Aisle Everywhere”

Food companies: Americans need your help right now. We’ll make it up to you later, we promise. Seems like every time I go into a grocery store, which is 3-4x weekly, everything is up another dollar. Seriously? Yes, we know your costs are up, but aren’t you taking advantage just a wee little bit?

I for one, think so. Can’t you ease back on the profits for a year or two? Can’t you make this promise to us? We’re hurting, if you haven’t heard. $10 of gas is enough to get us to the next gas station. Turkeys that used to be free with minimum purchases at this time of year, are now only offered at “less per pound.” But $25 for the average turkey? Are you kidding me?

I wonder how many Americans are going to “celebrate” Thanksgiving over dollar menus at fast food outlets?

Tomorrow we are going to give thanks for our country, our faith, our families, our friends. You’ll probably be giving thanks for banner profits and dividends.

I’m all for making money. I wish I was. For the most part, I’ve had a very fortunate life. Now our family is struggling just to keep the roof over our heads and the lights on.

It’s not funny. But you know what? Our family has it a lot better than a lot of people, this I know for sure.

$60 – $75 dollars used to feed a family for a week. Now it buys a couple of bags of groceries, a few meals, some staples. God forbid we don’t get sick or need meds, then the grocery money would go to that.

I am calling on food companies, at least one of you, to make a stand. Roll back prices. Be transparent, at least. Tell us you are doing everything you can do to be helpful in this difficult time.

Manufacturers, slash prices. Grocery stores, don’t offer us bogus bullshit BOGOs which work out to the average every day price of the item, anyway.

Give us something to be TRULY thankful for tomorrow, and in the year to come.

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