Beaverton, OR – Antoni’s

One more ‘old-timey’ diner and bar knocked off my to-do list.  I’ve been meaning to get her for awhile, because rumor has it, it’s Greek-owned, and that group of restaurant owners just seems to get breakfast “right” (and chili dogs, as well).

Mrs. Burgerdogboy treated me and I went straight for the Italian sausage and eggs, with crispy hash browns, and rye toast.   I asked for the sausage to be “a little charred”, and we had different definitions of “a little” but no matter, it was all tasty, and considerably less money per plate than either Sheri’s or the Black Bear.

Mrs. BDB dove into the Bacon Skillet,  seasoned potatoes, bacon, peppers, onions, mushroom, cheese topped with 2 eggs. She went for it in a big way.

Her biggest apprehension about coming to a place like this, is she says the coffee is always awful, but such is not the case at Antoni’s.  Coffee was A-OK.

I won’t be back, as I am hitting the road kinda permanently.  But I do recommend you trying it out if you are in SW.

Menus are  online.


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