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When you see a billboard proclaiming “Esquire Magazine says best pancakes in USA”, you take note. And the place is Dupar’s, with several Southern California locations, as well as the flagship in the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax. That location has been open since 1938, and a few years ago, was closed for two years for a top to bottom renovation, after being purchased by legendary Los Angeles coffee shop mogul, Biff Naylor. Naylor was formerly the proprietor of two of my regular stops, Biff’s, and Tiny Naylor’s. Los Angeles is a mecca for traditional coffee shops.

Here’s a quick tour of the renovated Farmer’s Market location:

When you watch the video, you’ll note that as much as Dupar’s is famed for its pancakes, lots of folks would say it’s the pies that make the place. And who doesn’t love pie? I don’t get nearly enough pie.

Biff’s, the valley location, was one of our regular lunch hangouts when I was working in Los Angeles, my colleagues had to have lunch daily, and they had a specific rotation. As I was a newcomer to the group, I was not allowed to make a contribution to the list, and went along with the daily choice, which may have included Biffs, Dr. Hoggly Woggly’s Tyler Texas BBQ, the coffee shop at Galpin Ford, a random deli or two. But that was about it.

When I ventured out on my own, I was a regular at places like Ship’s, or Norms,  (January 2015 update, Norm’s has just been sold, so its future fate is unknown) one of the few survivors to this day. Chicken Fried Steak and eggs was always my choice off the Norm’s menu. (Find other posts on chicken fried steak here.)

No matter what part of the city you are in, there are countless traditional coffee shops, many of which have been open for decades and decades. And there are the “super legends”, like Clifton’s in downtown.

Then of course, there are the excellent deli’s, dozens and dozens of them in a class by themselves.

Los Angeles – coffee shop mecca.  Yearnin’ to be returnin’.

My Favorite Sandwich in Los Angeles. On Fairfax.

Canters Deli

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