Video – How “Gas Station” Sandwiches Are Made

My definition of a “gas station sandwich” is the sammies one finds in vending,  convenience stores, mini marts, (and gas stations) cello-packed, ready to eat.  I’ve written a lot about them in the past, and my favorites (for quality) are made by the catering arm of Lufthansa airlines, and distributed by 7-Elevens in the Pacific Northwest.  I also like the “Mega Italian” from Minnesota’s “Deli Express” company;  the sandwich used to be called a “muffaletta” as it resembled the iconic New Orleans sandwich.

Sometimes these sandwiches are made by small local suppliers, and sometimes by giant companies.

Looking for something else online (naturally), I bumped into this video on how this type of sandwich is made on a massive scale.  The video is at the Foo Go brand plant, the largest sandwich maker in the world.  They are located in the UK.  (Video from the Discovery Channel “How It’s Made” series).





Gas Stations Sandwiches Made Video

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