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Hy-Top Frozen Breakfast Biscuit

Hy-Top Frozen Breakfast Biscuit

You know I love all ilks  of sausage, (even llama!)  but somehow, fast food breakfast sausage doesn’t fit into that category for me.  If McDonalds sausage is the gold standard, all others fall below that – to me the flavor tastes just too ‘forced’ and I can’t think of another way to describe it.

So I haven’t been a customer for frozen breakfast sandwiches – as they are almost exclusively sausage and cheese biscuits.  I had often wondered why there wasn’t a bacon option, but recently, that choice has appeared via Jimmy Dean (Sara Lee) and Hy Top.

Hy-Top is a  producer and distributor of foods for independent grocery stores.  They are based in suburban Chicago, just a stone’s throw from their parent, The Federated Group.   Hy-Top’s website says they now make over 2,000 grocery items, from frozen pizza, to jarred salsas.

I spotted their “Bacon Cheese Breakfast Biscuits” at a nearby Winco.  Winco is a regional chain of independent, value-priced, grocery stores.  Packed four to a box, individually wrapped, they are designed to be a quick, microwavable, breakfast item for our ‘on the go’ society.

5.5 days out of 7, we don’t have breakfast at the BurgerDogBoy household, usually reserving that for weekends.    But it’s Monday, and I’m feeling the need for a burst of caloric input and the resulting energy, so into the microwave one of the biscuits went.   Instructions said “2 1/2 minutes on half power, turn, 40 seconds more, let rest before eating.”  Yeah, like I would know how to put the microwave on “half power.”

So 2 1/2 minutes later, out comes the biscuit off the micro carousel, and I did let it rest for at least a nano-second (to take a pic) before consuming.

It lived up to my expectations, which were slight.  The biscuit is a little gummy, and the bacon, egg, and cheese were OK. Note the ‘griddle marks” on the egg? Way cool.

The post-cooked weight of this sandwich came out to 3 1/4 ounces. I don’t know how that compares to a McDonald’s $1 sausage biscuit, which doesn’t include egg or cheese, but these would certainly be less expensive.

They don’t retain their heat (and subsequently, their chewiness) very long, the biscuit grows hard quickly. After only a couple of seconds to take the photo, and chomping into the biscuit, by the time I was ready to finish it, the uneaten portion of the biscuit was rock hard.

Nonetheless, it is certainly better than any frozen sausage biscuits I have tried (at least to my taste), and I would buy them again.

Find your nearest supermarket that carries Hy-Top branded products here.

Hy-Top Frozen Breakfast Biscuit

Hy-Top Frozen Breakfast Biscuit

Hy-Top Frozen Breakfast Biscuit

Hy-Top Frozen Breakfast Biscuit

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