Home Cookin’ Test- Expensive, but Tasty Brekky

We were rollin’ thru the aisles of one of our locally owned hoity toity groceries, New Seasons, in search of heat and eat appetizers for date night at home.  As per her usual behavior, Mrs. BurgerDogBoy scooted to the bacon section, in search of new delights.

We found one in Beeler’s Uncured, the label which claimed “possibly the best tasting bacon on the planet.”  (They might be not exaggerating).

This thick-sliced beauty comes from Madison County, Iowa (not sure if it is near any of those damned bridges), and the Beelers have their own methods of insuring piggy happiness, which you can read about on their website.

We bake bacon at home, placed on a bread rack atop a cookie sheet, and this bacon was perfect for that, great smoky, pork flavor, little shrinkage, beautiful color.

We also harvested some free range organic eggs at New Seasons,  from Stiebr’s Farms, nice egg-meaty balls of protein with hearty, bright yellow yolks.

Thanks Mrs. BDB, great weekend brekky —- as usual!


Beeler's Organic Uncured Bacon

Beeler's Organic Uncured Bacon



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