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Way down my list of places I will generally consider, a friend was popping for brekky, and it was their choice, so off we went.  IHOP was started in 1957, in Toluca Lake, CA (San Fernando Valley), just across the street from one of the original Bob’s Big Boys.

The original concept was pancake and breakfast foods from around the world, so in addition to pancakes, they had crepes, blintzes and so on.

By the 1980s, the menu had expanded to include full lunch and dinner items; most locations (there are 1500 in the US and one in Dubai) are open 24/7. The menu is similar to Dennys and other like places.

Although it was earlier than the buttcrack of dawn, I wasn’t particularly in the mood for breakfast, so my compromise was to go with IHOP’s version of chicken and waffles, a distinctly historical ‘soul food’ dish that has worked its way into mainstream American cuisine (obviously, if IHOP has it).  Their version includes four pieces of waffle and four chicken tenders, with pancake syrup and honey mustard sauce on the side.

I ate the chicken and played with the waffles.  Should of had chicken fried steak and eggs.

This particular location used to be a “Wag’s”, Walgreen’s ill-fated experiment with competing against Denny’s and IHOP.  They built up a chain of about one hundred locations and then dumped it on Marriott, which started life as A&W Root Beer stands, which they later renamed “Hot Shoppes.”  Most Hot Shoppes were converted to a newer concept Marriott started, called “Roy Rogers”, which served hamburgers, roast beef, and fried chicken.   Marriott operated a couple of other restaurant chains during that period, Gino’s, which was hamburger-centric, and Rustler Steak House. Hardee’s purchased the Roy Rogers chain and converted them to their own brand, although occasionally you will run into a Hardees that sells “Roy Rogers Chicken.”  Marriott also operated Big Boy’s for a couple of decades before selling those to one of the franchisees.

IHOP’s Chicken and Waffles?  Eh.  For the real thing, hit up Roscoe’s in Los Angeles,  Sylvia’s in Harlem, or Gladys Knight and Ron’s, in Atlanta.

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