Napa, CA – Alexis Baking Company

At the butt crack of dawn, met retired radio superstar “Martin in the Morning” at one of his local haunts in Napa, CA, the Alexis Baking Company (ABC).

We were in search of a quality breakfast, and avoided the usual Sunday crowds by being in attendance at opening bell.

Martin went with his usual hotcakes, Mrs. BDB opted for “Creme Brulee French Toast”, and I skipped the whole chicken and egg debate, and got a side of ham, a side of sausage, and some Asiago toast. (Even tho they do offer a breakfast burger!)

The ham was nice, the breakfast sausage from hoity-toity purveyor Fra’ Mani, and the links were fairly traditional breakfast sausage, meaning (to me) a mildly-spiced pork product, reminiscent of English bangers.

The Creme Brulee French toast was over the top decadent, the kind of dish most people can hardly make a dent in.  Such was the case at our table.

Alexis is a very dependable weekend breakfast stop in Napa.  Check them out.

Alexis Baking Company


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