Portland, OR – Gravy

This one’s short and sweet (well, consider the source!). Mrs. BurgerDogBoy texted me yesterday that she had to kill some time up on Mississippi Avenue, waiting for a client, and decided to have some breakfast – a rare occasion for her. I was happy, knowing I would get to live thru the experience vicariously.

So she wandered into Gravy, and promptly ordered herself some ham and eggs (I would have done the same).

She reported it to be an excellent experience all around, and raved about the ham, which of course, made me feel sorry for myself.

Comes the morning at the BurgerDogBoy house, and what do my wondering eyes appear in the frig?  A couple o giant slabs of that ham!    Thank you Mrs. BDB!

Check out the menu at Urbanspoon.com

Gravy, Portland

Gravy, Portland

Gravy on Urbanspoon

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