Portland, OR – The Country Cat (reprise)

Mrs. BDB and I were meeting Mr. and Mrs. PDMAE (Portland Dealmaker Attorney Extraordinare), and we opted to hit Country Cat for Saturday brunch.   Arriving at 1230, there was no wait (always good for me, I’m the guy so easily distracted – oh, look, a chicken!), we were seated in a comfortable booth by the window, and an affable server greeted us, distributed menus, and took drink orders    I thought Mrs BDB would go for a little hair of the dog (rough nite, last nite) but nope, Earl Grey for her and Mr PDMAE,  iced tea (lemon, no sweetener) for Mrs PDMAE, and a cappuccino for me (I know, I know, it’s an after meal beverage, so what!?  I live in a city where they serve cheese plates for appetizers, for gosh sakes!).

Tempting to order Country Cat’s burger, but I didn’t, Mr PDMAE did, rare, says he, and Mrs PDMAE went with the fried chicken, Mrs BDB a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and I with the eggs, biscuit and sausage gravy.

Service was prompt, courteous, friendly, and attentive without being overbearing.  Good job, mate,  sorry I didn’t catch your name.

The food arrived after a fashion,  and we all plowed into our plates, me and the legal eagle pausing a moment so I could take a pic of his burger, since I wasn’t imbibing.  I have to say, it looked grand, and came with about thirty pounds of onion straws, and house-made catsup.   After legalist cut the burger in half, we could see it was done a bit more than ordered.   I hold no grudge…it wasn’t mine.

The biscuits and gravy were superb, even if the eggs were basted, and not over easy as I had requested. (OK, same diff, really)   There were large chunks of country sausage in the flavorful, creamy gravy, with not a hint of flour that sometimes haunts cafes efforts to saucify sausage bits.

We enjoyed our leisurely repast, pleasant conversation, and gentle admonishment from Mrs PDMAE that I should eat more vegetables, and a little whispered biz talk between Clarence Darrow and me.

We do this far too infrequently, as we really enjoy these friends.    Good friends, good conversation, and even barely adequate food (which was not the case here), makes for the best of times.

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One comment to “Portland, OR – The Country Cat (reprise)”
One comment to “Portland, OR – The Country Cat (reprise)”
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