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Sunshine Tavern Pepp Pizza

Had a great time at a private fete at Sunshine Tavern in Portland on Saturday afternoon. I’m sure I will return, it’s a menu made just for me!

We were served a wide variety of dishes, and overall my favorite was Sunshine’s take on the national dish of Canada, poutine. Sunshine’s version adds Italian pork sausage to the gravy, and it was absolutely superb. They have mastered the art of keeping hand-cut fries very crisp, even when bathed in gravy, no easy feat!

We had a couple slices of pepperoni pizza, and that was grand, for my likes, as you know, are cracker thin crust, and Sunshine’s fit that description, crispy on the edges, chewier working inward. Loved it.

Finally, we had bits of the fried chicken sandwich, and washed it all down with slushee margaritas (wow!).

Looking foward to heading back for brunch and dinner items, including their burger, pork belly sandwich, chicken and waffles, and their biscuits and gravy, which features the same Italian sausage gravy as the fries!  Sunshine will be one of my new regular hangouts, no question!

Sunshine Tavern Cheese Fries w/ Gravy

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