New Product Review – Briyo Ceylon Tea

The nice folks at Briyo sent me some samples to try.   Briyo is a start-up dream of a young couple in the Portland area, which seems to grow as many tea companies as it does shoe outfits.

Now, I’m not much of a tea drinker, despite having lived in London, where of course, tea is a ritual.  My tea consumption in the US is generally limited to Arizona or Snapple, and I am sure that hard core tea drinkers don’t consider those products tea at all.

Briyo has an interesting story of how it got started, read about the creation of the company here.

They are currently producing six different varieties, which you can ask your local store to stock, or order online.

Personally, I enjoyed the Raspberry Black, and the Lemon Green.  I found them light and refreshing, and yes, I’ll buy some to have on hand.

I may be a tea convert in the making!

Briyo Ceylon Tea

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