Remembering a Romantic Meal in Portland

In my opinion (and I have a lot of them) one has to ‘create’ romance in Portland restaurants.  There isn’t a single place that caters solely to upmarket, dressed to the nines, cooing diners in love.  At least not that I have found, and I’ve asked around as well.

Portland is a casual city.  You and your date can be in gowns, jewels, and a tux, and sitting beside you in (even an expensive) at the restaurant will be a guy in a t-shirt, cut-offs, and flip flops.  And a baseball cap.  I spoke to the maitre’d of one of the old timey fancy places, he banned hats for awhile, and his biz dropped off significantly.  Pity.

So a few months ago, I wanted something special – Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary, and I wanted great food, ambiance, and privacy.  What to do?  What to eat?  Where to go?

Well, for sure, dinner would have to include some of her favorite things.  And we’re fond of small plates, so it could be a mash-up of cuisines, how to arrange that?

I like city lights, think that’s a romantic setting, but I also like dining al fresco.  What a conundrum!

I would have to create my own menu, my own situation, my own atmosphere, and I set out to do that.

One thing was for sure, our night would involve one of the Kimpton Hotels here, we’ve been in them several times, including our wedding week.  Over the top service; yummy beds and furnishings.

I chose the Vintage Plaza.  I was making arrangements a couple months in advance, so I hoped I would have my choice of some of their special rooms.  I tried. I scored.  Ah, the garden spa suite.  A great room, nice bed, and a private hot tub on  a deck overlooking the city!  God, I’m romantic.  Mrs. Burgerdogboy LOVES hot tubs.

Plus the Pazzo Restaurant downstairs and from room service?  We love that place.  We once ordered their entire happy hour menu.  And great pizza!  (In case you didn’t know, BurgerDogBoy loves him some pizza!)

We checked in, and jumped in the hot tub.   After a fashion, we exited the tub for our own happy hour with adult beverages.   While Mrs. BDB was relaxing with a cocktail, I headed out for our anniversary dinner, rounding a couple of blocks nearby, picking up the bone marrow appetizer at Little Bird, and an order of mussels, and grabbed deluxe assortment of sushi down the street.

My arrival was timed to coincide with a few delights from Pazzo, and we had a sumptious meal, and spent most of the balance of the night in the hot tub.  Seems there was a sign that said we should limit our time in the spa, but oops.  We didn’t follow the rules, watched the sunset, the downtown lights come on, and had a wonderful evening.

Oh sure, blingy-type presents were involved, too.

I’m a romantic.  Sometimes you have to create romance, sometimes you can spend some dough, but sometimes it takes just the most simple gestures.

I love my wife with all my heart.  And I will treasure the romance she has shown me until the day I draw my last breath.


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