Super 8 Motels Review – Nationwide Chain

Super 8 Motels Review - Nationwide ChainAfter decades of business travel on the company time, in posh hotels where your every single whim is attended to, I’m happy these days to mostly stay in ‘value priced’ motels. Generally franchisees, locally owned, and adequate for as little time as I will be in attendance.

Super 8 is in the top 5 of the segment, overall I find them well maintained, well furnished and up to date.

I do have two things I take exception to.

While I laud the development of the complimentary breakfast in motels, Super 8 is on the more modest end. No meat, no eggs.  Your ubiquitous Golden Malted waffles (these guys must have made a bucket load of $$$).  juice, fruit, yogurt, bread, cereal.  Adequate.

Second, and most importantly? No matter how many website with the identical rates you show the front desk when you are checking in – they are going to have some excuse or another to charge you more, and they know you’re beat from being on the road and odds are good you’re going to suck it up and pay it.

This month in Mount Vernon, Illinois, and Sikeston, Missouri, in both cases the demanded rate was $30 north of the published rate on hand.

Wyndham?  You need to sort that out. And amp up breakfast. Other than that? No complaints.  (Tho I am old enough to remember that the rooms used to be $8.88).

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Super 8 Motels Review – Nationwide Chain

Super 8 Motels Review – Nationwide Chain

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