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Back in the day, some day, I was working on occasion at an oil refinery in Superior, WI.  Our work was outdoors, and once and awhile, we’d get rained out.  On days requiring “liquid refreshments”, we’d head to a bar called the “Manila”, and thus rain days became known as “the Manila Monsoon.”

Other days we’d head to a little diner called “The Kitchen”, for  ample servings of home cooking at bargain prices.

Kawikamedia and some of the Minnesota burger posse headed to The Kitchen for brunch today, and Kawika’s Hawaiian roots led him to order the Superior version of Loco Moco, which The Kitchen calls “Pupu Kaka”.  (Make of that what you will).

The Wisconsin version was a pile of hash browns, a burger patty, a couple of eggs, and “just for fun” Kawika subsituted sausage gravy in place of the usual brown gravy.

He felt it a tasty bargain at under $7 a plate, says they will return, but next time he’d go with the brown gravy.

A plate of Pupu Kaka

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