Taste This Review, Algonquin, IL

Taste This ReviewTake one part fancy pants coffee shop, one part ice creamery, one part creative combinations of paninis, and you’ll find yourself at “Taste This,” in downtown Algonquin, Illinois, a far western suburb of Chicago.  Algonquin has managed to save its downtown, and there are a number of eateries, shops, and spas on the main drag.

As I recall, Taste This opened in the fall of 2014, and may well be the only place in the area for “adult milkshakes.”  What’s that you say?   Take ice cream, add liquor and liqeurs in various flavorings and combinations, and voila!  Adult milkshake.  “Gone Bananas” is a typical one, with White rum, 99 bananas liquor, crème de banana, banana pudding & old fashioned vanilla ice cream.

The owner, is obviously a child of the 60s – 70s (and tasty, too), judging by the names she has labeled sandwiches and drinks (“Vinny Barbarino,”  “Fog Horn, Leg Horn,”  “Mork from Ork Pork,” and the “Big Ragu” to name a few.  The woman obviously idolizes Garry Marshall.  The full menu is here.

Although I have been meaning to hit this place since they opened, actually ended up there by accident today.  Had set out for another restaurant, arrived and the sign said “closed for a private party.”  Gee, thanks folks. Learn about Twitter.

The proprietor has designed some interesting sandwich combinations, that project a lot of depth in their flavoring.  She uses top quality ingredients, and it appears more everything is made meticulously by hand.  It’s not fast food.

Sandwiches (around $9) come with a choice of small side salad (cucumber or pasta) and all arrive with a ramikin of shoestring potato chips.  You know, that can of salty crunchy deliciousness you sneak when nobody is looking.  Can’t say I’ve ever seen a restaurant that served shoestrings.  But put them on a menu (or tater tots), and I’ll be there.

I opted for the “Vinny Barbarino,” piled high with thinly sliced mortadella, slicing pepperoni, mild capocolla (sic), provolone cheese with a generous drizzle of Italian vinaigrette on grilled Panini bread.”  Ample quality meat and cheese, nice job on the panini press.  Nice plating. $9.25.

The joint opens at 7 AM for fancy coffee, breakfast sandwiches and pastries.  Sign in window seemed to indicate they’d run it out to the car for you, if need be.

I wish them gobs of success.













Taste This Review

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