Uncle Johns Review – Belvidere, IL

Since 1965, about the most important thing in Belvidere, Illinois, just east of Rockford on US Highway 20, has been the Chrysler assembly plant. In the past, they have manufactured the Omni, Neon, New Yorker, Imperial, and Fifth Avenue. More than 4,000 workers plied their trade at one time.

Today the plant cranks out Jeep Patriots, Compass’, and Dodge Darts, but with significant help from 780 robots in the body plant.

All not relevant to the fact that for a similar life span, Uncle John’s has been dishing out copious quantities of home cooking at extremely fair pricing.

It’s one of those places that if you want to know anything that’s going on in town, or anything about anybody, there’ll be somebody that knows something at the eatery.

Like many upper Midwest diners, you’ll find a bowl o’ butter on the table.  I ordered two eggs with ham steak and rye toast. They also bump your egg order by one for “added value.’ Classic breakfast, deftly prepared at 65% of the prices most similar places charge. Two full breakfasts and coffees, and I was out the door for an even $13.

Uncle Johns Review Belvidere

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Uncle Johns Review

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