Black Bear Diner Review

Black Bear Diner ReviewI have written about this chain once before, started in the 90s near Mt. Shasta, California, and now having spread its wings across six western states. The occasion of me noting it once in the past, was stopping at a location in Madras,Oregon, and getting a very tasty club sandwich to go. The memory still lingers on my taste buds, anytime a restaurant roasts up a fresh turkey for their clubs, I am so there!

But this is not about another Club Sandwich, this iis about waiting for a breakfast meeting in Rohnert Park, California (near Santa Rosa) and having an hour to kill before my meeting. Hmmm, how to waste time? Oh yeah, have breakfast while waiting for a breakfast meeting! I had some laptop catching up to do, anyway, and I guessed maybe Black Bear would have wifi.

Went in, was promptly seated, Black Bear staffs are fairly affable I have found, and the restaurants are sparkling, compared to many ‘fast casual’ outlets. Was about to peruse the menu when a table topper POP caught my eye, “try our Linguica and eggs” for breakfast, sounded good to me, I’m a big fan of the spicy Portuguese sausage, and the photo on the promo piece, printed by the restaurants Linguica supplier, looked especially appealing,. A fat sausage, split and grilled, next to some nicely done eggs.

Lately, I have been wanting a bit more protein and less carbs in the morning, so I inquired of the waitress if the plate came with just one sausage. She replied “Yes, but it’s a very BIG sausage” and gave me a wink.

Hmmmmm. Is it big enough to satisfy my craving? Length and girth looked ample. But how could I add more meat to the platter?

Many restaurants have secret codes. You know, like “In N Out” ‘special’ way of ordering things not on the menu.

I decided to try that here. The waitress asked me if I had decided, and I said “Linguica with eggs, over easy, hash browns, rye toast, and (##$()#@#$#SL) (secret phrase).

After a short wait, my plate came out, and was very aesthetically pleasing, (don’t you love places where the food looks like the menu pictures? I do!), and after she place it in front of me, a moment later she returned with a giant slab of ham! Now this is a breakfast! Black Bear goes with three eggs on each plate (tho they offer “smaller” breakfasts as well, and everything was prepared to my liking and satisfaction.

There is a Black Bear close to my home and I never think about going there. I’ll have to hit it more often.

Ready to know the secret phrase I uttered? You can use it too! “Linguica with eggs, over easy, hash browns, rye toast, and add a side of ham!”

Ok, it’s a dumb joke. But it was a great breakfast.

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Black Bear Diner Review

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Black Bear Diner Review

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