Bluff Lake Catfish Farm Review – Maquoketa, IA

Bluff Lake Catfish Farm Review

You must do this once, at least. An actual catfish farm that has a restaurant open only Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, each night offering a full menu as well as one or two AYCE specials. I went on a Friday night, specifically for the AYCE catfish, your choice, whole or fillets. Served ‘family style” your entree is accompanied by a sweet and tangy creamy slaw, and waffle fries. Full bar, and drinks are pretty cheap.

Here’s the kicker. Be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait. We arrived at 5pm figuring we’d slide right in, but we waited a full two hours to be seated.

Once we were, and ordered, dinner comes fast as long as you order the specials. I can’t speak to the speed of the other menu items. The night I was there people were ordering the catfish or a Flintstones-sized slab of beef.

While you’re waiting, if the weather is pleasant, there are plenty of natural features to see outside, some ponds, a waterfall, plenty of wild fowl.

Use your GPS to get there. I mean it. Otherwise you’ll end up like me driving down the road and saying repeatedly “this can’t be right!”

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Bluff Lake Catfish Farm Review

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Bluff Lake Catfish Farm Review

Bluff Lake Catfish Farm Review Bluff Lake Catfish Farm Review