Fat Baby and Alises Carryout Review Biloxi Mississippi

Fat Baby and Alises Carryout Review Biloxi Mississippi

I write a lot about gas station food because I eat a lot of gas station food.  I’m not talking about a bag of Lay’s and a Slim Jim or six, I’m talking about gas stations that offer hot lunch, either ala carte to take out or the sit down variety.  Fat Baby and Alises offers both, open early til late for carry out or dine in with a hot bar lunch buffet from 11-2.

Different specials daily, but the focus is on local cuisine, seafood, po-boys and the like.  The hot bar buffet is chock-a-block full of regional side dishes like fried okra, greens, greet beans, sweet potato casserole and such.

I ate there a couple times during a week long stop. I had the shrimp po-boy, excellent fry, great seasoning, good bread.  They serve theirs “dressed and pressed” and the ‘pressed’ part is a local thing, unheard of in New Orleans, basically a panini-like squeeze. Doesn’t detract.  “Dressed” is as everywhere – tomato, mayo, lettuce.

I also had the “Royal Reds” – steamed shrimp, these are coldwater, deep water shrimp from 30 miles or so off shore, they are larger than most and so flavorful, people often say “they taste like lobster” and putting aside the melted butter, they really do.  About $10 a half pound, includes two sides.

I opted to get my sides from the hot bar and went with green beans and greens.  Both the best I have ever had.  Anywhere. Period. Full stop. So much flavor.  Not pictured – side of crinkle cut fries with brown gravy. O.M.G.

Drink was unsweetened bottomless tea, they also have soft drinks, coffee, and as a C-store, naturally every single beverage that comes in a bottle or can.

Place your order at the kitchen counter, they give you a slip, gather up anything else you want in the store, pay, take your receipt back to the kitchen counter and they’ll deliver your food to your table or your hands if you’re going home, back to the office, or hotel.

Great food.  Really great food.  Fair pricing. Really nice people. Wish them all the success. Wish you’d stop in if you’re in the area.

Fat Baby and Alise’s is located inside the Marathon Gas station at 1757 Popps Ferry Road, which is handy if you’re at the beach of popping off I-10. Here’s their full regular menu.  Lots and lots of parking.


Fat Baby and Alises Carryout Review Biloxi Mississippi

Fat Baby and Alises Carryout Review Biloxi Mississippi

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