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They’ve been doing this a long time, those AM/PM folks.  I remember getting two burgers or two dogs at Los Angeles area AM/PM in the mid 80s for next to no $.   AM/PM were an afterthought to ARCO gas stations in the West in the mid 70s, to bring in more customers, but surely they can only be regarded as the leading pioneer in the scheme of take-out food/gas mash-up.

They have come a long way since those days of the 2 for $1 dogs.   The quality has improved, as has the selection, but the prices have not increased proportionately.  Thank you, AM/PM. (or Oh Thank Heaven for AM/PM?)   I have previously discussed 7-Eleven’s heat and eat burger, which they don’t make themselves.  They do not offer a comparable food selection to AM/PM, but 7-Eleven is in a real expansion mode in this realm, adding wings and fresh pizza in many stores.

But AM/PM’s depth of product is very deep:  hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken , burritos, pizza, breakfast sandwiches.   But what really makes AM/PM  the binge burger boy’s choice is the (usually) exceptionally clean and varied selection condiment bar.   You take your hot sandwich, decorate it anyway you want, and then pay and eat.  (The condiment bar is reminiscent of the gone but not forgotten Midwestern  chain “Burger Chef,” once 1000 locations strong until being swallowed whole by Hardees).

AM/PM Cheeseburgers


The world of gas station food is constantly evolving.  I’ve written about it more than I should, with posts about Hunt Brothers Pizza, Chester Fried Chicken and the like.  There is n even deeper selection in the deep south, where they have “fry delis,” where you can grab a hunk o fried chicken, catfish, shrimp, biscuits and the like.  Now that’s good gas station eatin’.

The more variety the better, in my opinion.   And I am especially delighted to saunter into any gas station or truck-stop that does NOT have a Subway attached.  Just a personal thing of mine.  I guess it’s just that I think there are far too many of them.

How about you guys who operate in malls?  When will we see a Sbarro in a gas station? Soon, I hope.

In the meantime, check out AM/PM’s selection.   BurgerDogBoy says that the Big A heat and eat burgers at 7-Eleven are a little better, but AM/PM kicks butt in the value proposition.


AM/PM Mini Mart Cheeseburger

am/pm mini market

am/pm mini market

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