Mr. Allison’s Diner Review – Arlington Heights, IL

Mr. Allison’s Diner Review

One day at Mr. Allison’s Diner Review.  I’m a nut for ham. Good, bad, fake. I love ham. I once went to a restaurant that offered “flights of ham.” Paradise.

I have driven the back roads of “ham country” in the US – Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas in search of small producers and had delightful afternoons of ham orgies.

And now I’m about to embark on a journey to Italy, arguably the ham center of the universe, and I can’t wait.

But first? After nearly 40 years in the Chicago area, I’ve just heard of a restaurant that refers to itself as “The House of Ham,” Mr. Allison’s diner, in the NW suburb of Arlington Heights. (Yes, home of the future stadium for the Chicago Bears, on the site of the now closed Churchill Downs race track.

Allison’s is open for breakfast and lunch, roughly 6AM – 3PM daily.

They feature a very extensive offering of breakfast and lunch dinners, certainly something to satisfy any taste bud.

But for me, I’m focused on ham. It was midday, so I wasn’t really feeling particularly breakfast-ee.

But I had to have the ham. AH HA, on the side orders menu, there’s a breakfast portion and a giant portion on offer.

Ham on rye should be sufficient! Sandwiches come loaded (if you choose) with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. I skipped them in favor of plain old yellow mustard, the perfect ham compliment.

The meat was thick sliced and very lean. Slightly smoked. Fries (additional) are fresh cut and a serving large enough to feed the table. They had a light dusting of seasoned salt, not usually something I go for, but it was OK.

Should you choose from the breakfast side of the menu (ample choices), most plates come with three eggs. All pricing is more than fair, and certainly less than around my neighborhood, a couple of suburbs to the west.

Allison’s can also supply all your ham needs, on an everyday or holiday basis, whole, half, sliced, and even ham bones for your home recipes. Prices run around $5-$6 per pound, more than reasonable. Order by phone or in person. 847.228.5870.

I will be back. Often.

Mr. Allison's Diner Review

Thick sliced lean ham on rye

Mr. Allison's Diner Review

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Mr. Allison’s Diner Review

Mr. Allison’s Diner Review