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Rustic Olive Review(Reported to be closing, September, 2016) Olive oil stores are all the rage, so it was only natural one would open in the tourist neighborhood of my hometown of Duluth, MN.  The Rustic Olive, on South Lake Avenue, is across from Grandma’s Restaurants, and is located inside an old building formerly occupied by part of  Jeno’s Pizza.

Stores of this ilk sell different grades of olive oil, flavored oils, vinegars, jars of olives, and kitchen tools, and  condiments.

They either buy in bulk and package their own product, or use a contract packer, like Rustic does.They do business with a California company, Cibaria.

I have not visited this store in person.

I received a jar of “Pepper Jack Stuffed Olives,”  as a Christmas gift, 16 ounces, with a price sticker of $8.00. Very pricey, even for premium olives. Santa Barbara Olive Company, a premium  nationwide distributor, puts out the same product for about $6.00.

The green queens are good size and crisp.  But the olive falls down with the Pepper Jack.  First, I don’t think this IS Pepper Jack cheese, there is no heat to it at all, nor any bits of color one would expect to see from peppers.  I think maybe they goofed and this is feta.

Secondly, there’s a typo on the label, which sez the ingredient is Peper(sic) Jack cheese.  Or maybe that’s their out.  No matter.  Buy online from this company or stop by when you are in Duluth.  They have so many wonderful products, I am sure you will find something you like.

Here’s a pic of the location from Google street map, before the store moved in, obviously.  In the background is the Duluth harbor and arena.

Rustic Olive Duluth









Rustic Olive

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