Cozy Dog Review, Springfield, IL

Cozy Dog ReviewSherman, set the wayback machine for the early 1940s, Springfield, Illinois, Land O’ Lincoln, the horseshoe sandwich, and purported by many to be the birthplace of the deep fried corn dog.  Others claim the honor should be awarded to other concerns, like the Pronto Pup Company of Portland, Oregon.  The U.S. Patent office has a completely different version of the origin.  No matter.  If you like them, you’ll pick them up most anywhere;  the late Mrs BurgerDogBoy was a big fan, but it was probably due more to the size and shape than the taste and texture.

Me?  I can take them or leave them, but I’ll nearly always stop at a restaurant on old Route 66, and Cozy Dog has that distinction.

Feeling a might peckish, I stopped in for a burger and fries, with a pork tenderloin on the side.  If you’re not familiar with tenderloins, they are pretty much the exclusive territory of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, and are made up of a boneless pork chop, smashed into a flattened, oversized ‘patty,’, breaded and deep fried.

From time to time,  one runs into restaurants that vie for having the largest tenderloin compared to bun ratio.

The tenderloin was adequate, tho most likely not made in-house, the fresh ground burger was great, and the fries tasty.  I like any place that has a condiment bar, and the Cozy’s was dandy.

Finished the grub, and hit the road again, southbound on I-55 for another adventure.  The Cozy Dog was a perfect place to stop, as today was “National Something on a Stick Day.”  No fooling.

Bonus?  It’s on old Route 66 and chock-a-block full of memorabilia to amuse you.


Cozy Dog Review

Burger and fries


Cozy Dog Review

Mr & Mrs Cozy Dog





Cozy Dog’s full menu.
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Cozy Dog Review

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