Eastside Cafe Pizza Review

Eastside Cafe Pizza ReviewOne of my local grocery stores is huge. I get exhausted going there.  But the upside is they have really deep selections of product, including frozen pizza –  they have four 30 foot long coolers of different brands, and in a separate vertical cooler, organic, vegan, and gluten free offerings.

Any time I go in there, there are new brands, or at least ones I haven’t seen.

This week it was “Eastside Cafe,” from a small manufacturer outside of Chicago – it looks like they are primarily in the contract manufacturing business for groceries and other outlets – both fresh and frozen pies.

Their mission statement: “We are manufacturers of fresh frozen pizzas serving many retail and recreational bussinesses within the United States. Eastside Café was established in 1992, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality products and personal service. Our office is conveniently located in Warrenville, Illinois”

I picked up an individual size meat lovers, sausage, pepperoni and bacon.

Now these guys tried it and loved it.


Me? Not so much.

The cheese is good, note on the photo of the unbaked pie that the cheese is in ‘gobs’ instead of ‘shreds’ as most frozen pies come.That move apparently makes for a nicer melt, judging from the finished product.

The sauce was really pedantic. Ordinary. The crust was ok, from the thickness I would have thought it would have been crispier, but it was chewy, not crispy. Pepperoni, good flavor and texture. Sausage, no apparently seasoning. Bacon? Couldn’t really tell there was any on board.

So this one brand won’t be on my regular buy rotation. You, however, may find it’s your new favorite!  You can check them out on Facebook.

The company is located in Warrenville, IL, in the office park pictured below.


Eastside Cafe Pizza Review


Eastside Cafe Pizza Review

Baked, top shelf, 400, 13 minutes


Eastside Cafe Pizza Review

Eastside Cafe Headquarters





Eastside Cafe Pizza Review

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