Larry the Cable Guy Biscuits and Gravy Review

Larry Cable Guy Biscuits Gravy ReviewI like sausage gravy.  I’m not terribly fond of biscuits, but will have them on occasion, seldom if ever, make them at home.  I’ve tried a mess o’ prepared gravies, canned, powdered, frozen, including Odom’s Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy.  Most of the frozen brands (these, Jimmy Dean, Bob Evans) sell for slightly more than a buck.

Today I stumbled across “Larry the Cable Guy’s” version, which was, in fact, at the Dollar Tree, and unlike the other brands, is complete, in that it comes with biscuits.  It’s a heat and eat microwavable product, and the instructions follow the same rules as many of these types of eats, meaning heat, stir, heat, let sit.

I did all that. The finished product is pictured below, plated (I added the pepper). Verdict?  Really not all that bad, unless you are on a restricted diet (it has a gaggle of sodium and carbs).  Downside?  A couple.  Uneven heating even with a carousel microwave meant that one biscuit was soft and ‘flaky’ and the other was hard as a rock and couldn’t be cut even with a steak knife.

Also, if you shopping for very inexpensive foods, be prepared for the manufacturer to have made some sacrifice in the process, and one of the drawbacks of Larry’s Biscuits and Gravy is the packaging is very flimsy, and if you’re not careful, may result in spillage or burns.  I would suggest you put the whole package on a plate before heating.

For some (unknown to me) reason, most of Larry’s products are manufactured by contract companies in Minnesota.  The gravy is made by the company formerly known as Jeno’s, from Duluth (pizza rolls, Michelinas).

Now I see Bob Evan’s has a sausage dispenser for C stores (pictured up top). That’s what I need for MY kitchen!

Larry Cable Guy Biscuits Gravy Review

Larry Cable Guy Biscuits Gravy Review







larry the cable guy biscuits and gravy Review

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