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Bottle Washing

It’s been two weeks since I completed the first step of making beer at home with the Mr. Beer kit. The mixture has been ‘brewing’ in the brew keg, and today I washed the (furnished) bottles and caps with the special “no dry” was solution that comes with the kit.

The kit includes tablets (made of sugar and wheat) to stimulate carbonation, and for these size bottles, you use two tabs per bottle. Drop those in.

Open the spigot on the keg, tilt each bottle to the tap and fill to within two inches from the top, screw on the caps.

Now more waiting –  another 14 – 21 days is required for the beer to be completely ready and carbonated, and you can check if they are ready by squeezing the bottles –  a completely hard bottle means it’s ready!

Chill and consume.  Repeat.

Mr. Beer has over a hundred varieties of beers you can make at home, including seasonal quaffs, hard cider, and even root beer.  If I can do it successfully, anybody can.  Order a kit today.

Mr. Beer Review

Topping the bottles off









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