Potbelly Sandwich Review

Potbelly Reivew(Spoiler alert) I have missed out by not being a customer of Potbelly.I painted them with the “same brush” that I have used against a couple of their competitors that I truly don’t like, and that wasn’t fair.

I was recently contemplating a visit when coincidentally the company invited me in for a taste.

At our table was the broccoli cheese soup, an “Italian” sandwich, the “Mediterranean” Sandwich, 2 bags of Zapp’s Potato Chips, a mixed berry smoothie, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Wow. Seriously. Wow.

Name your favorite sub chain and know that Potbelly is better food and a much more enjoyable experience.

You’ll notice it the minute you walk in, subdued lighting, lively music(including live performances), seating and tables designed for comfort not to see how fast a place can flip a table……….and then there is the food.

If you’re ordering a sandwich, you have a choice of a regular roll, whole wheat or flatbread (gluten free), and you can order a half or whole, from the menu suggestions or design your own. Wanna double up on the meat, you can!

The rolls are fresh every morning from Chicago’s beloved Turano Baking; they’ve been around for over half a century. As I said earlier, I went with the “Italian,” capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, salami, and provolone cheese, slipped into the oven, served warm and melty. You can choose from any or all of these condiments at no charge: Mayo, Brown Deli Mustard, Hot Peppers, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Pickle, Oil, and Italian Seasoning. The vegetables are ultra fresh.

Sides include  chips, cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, and whole pickles. (They carry a good selection of Zapp’s potato chips, a New Orleans favorite). Salads are available and customizable, and there are daily soup specials as well as chili, their best selling broccoli cheddar, and a new favorite, siracha black bean (which is vegan). Finish off your meal with made to order shakes and smoothies, or a fresh baked cookie.

A bit about Potbelly – it started as a single restaurant on Chicago’s near north side; it operated successfully as a single location for many years, until 1996, when entrepreneur Bryant Keil purchased the shop, updated and standardized the offerings and operation, and built Potbelly to have over 300 outlets in the U.S.

Some locations deliver, any of them can arrange to serve your office party, school, team, or church gathering, or family reunions. A typical order form looks like this, and you can fax it in.

The ‘dining in’ menu lists all your choices, and you can find the nearest Potbelly with their locator.

The location I visited was in the suburban Chicago burg of Algonquin, and is capably and cheerfully managed by Dan Horwath. He knows his product well, and is so enthusiastic about the company he will undoubtedly climb the corporate ladder quickly.

Potbelly Review

Italian Sandwich with Broccoli Cheese Soup!



Potbelly Sandwich Review

Ed Note.  Potbelly comped the meal.

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