StoneRidge Andouille Sausage Review

StoneRidge Sausage ReviewHaving lived in New Orleans for a decade, and Paris for a couple of years, I’m very fond of andouille (on-doo-ee) sausage, a U.S. transplant/evolution from France.

The French version consists of very rough chopped organ meats, onions, wine, and seasoning. They usually have a fairly distinctive odor and are gray in color.

The French Canadians that settled in Louisiana developed their own version, a finer ground sausage using smoked pork shoulder, garlic, peppers, wine, onions, spices and herbs, in a natural casing and smoked a second time.

In Louisiana, andouille is most often used as an “ingredient,” and particularly in gumbos or crawfish boils. You’ll rarely see it consumed on its own, and that’s a shame, cause it’s a nice flavorful change from ordinary smoked sausage.

StoneRidge’s own recipe calls for quality pork, onion, red pepper, and spices in a natural casing, smoked for hours over wood. The effort they put into making it shows in  appearance, texture and flavor.

These are good sized sausages, about four to a pound, and today I am using them as a dinner entree. I have parboiled them (although this is not a required preparation step), sliced them on a bias, and then pan-fried in cast iron as it’s too cold to go outside and grill!

I serve ’em with sauerkraut for a hearty winter dinner!  (But they would be terrific off the grill and onto a bun!)

StoneRidge Sausage Review

StoneRidge Andouille Sausage Review

(Ed. Note – the manufacturer provided product for us to sample)

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